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Hello Hamster Pawrents!
Welcome to Paws of Porridge šŸ„£

It's me Lydia, your pot-stirring Porridge Aunty in the CBD of Singapore

I started making hamster porridge when I was in desperate need to provide my late female Syrian hamster Moomoo with nutritious meals. The poor girl was the runt of the litterĀ and she came into my life as a traumatized and underweight hamster when I brought her back from the pet shop.Ā 

Over the many months of feeding her all varieties of dry mixes and fresh foods, I noticed she would either pouch and leave the food uneaten, or simply eat too little. Besides constantly feeling the paranoia that Moomoo was malnourished, it was also frustrating to have so much food wasted. At 8 months old, she was barely 80g.

By trial and error, I discovered that she was fond of cooked food (veggies, chicken, fish, eggs, etc) and she would eat more whenever the food came from a portion of my own home-cooked meals. It seems cooked and softer/moist foods were more palatable for her. I started making a point to cook her meals everyday which definitely increased her appetite. By the time she was 15-17 months old, she weighed 110g. (which was still light-weight, but maybe because she's a runt).

When nearing the end of her life due to Pyometra, she lost weight to a dangerous low of 62g. I cooked her daily meals into a much more moist and palatable porridge texture to encourage her to eat (plus medications), and miraculously her weight went up to an all-time high of 130g.

Moomoo at 105g, 1 year old

Our dear Moomoo passed away in January 2021. Her legacy left me with the resolution to improve my porridge recipe and provide this source of nutritious meals to hamster pawrents all over Singapore. (if I could provide for the world I would, trust me!)

Thankfully, due to social media and the power of the internet, hamster care and husbandry methods are improving as we speak. I believe there are many hamster pawrents out there just like me, whose heart aches for their weak/underweight/ailing hamsters and would need all the help they could get to bring their hamsters back to good health again.Ā 

Also, there are many who simply wants their hamsters to eat well and eat better so their beloved furkid can enjoy the longest possible life on earth.

Iā€™ve been feeding Wally (male Syrian hamster šŸ¹) my home-cooked hamster porridge since he was 5 weeks old @ 80g. Now heā€™s 11 months old @ 245g. His weight maintains steadily everyday around 236g- 245g with 2 times of porridge servings per day.

Wally at 10 months old, 242g

So, if you think your hamster is underweight/skinny due to:

  • pickiness with dry mix
  • being the runt of the litter
  • appetite not voraciousĀ 
  • giving birth and nursing babies
  • sickness/medication
  • old age

Or you're looking for a great way to supplement your hamster's current diet of dry mixes

ā€¦ This porridge may be suitable for your hammy

Thank you for visiting my page and supporting my small businessĀ šŸ„° I hope my home-cooked hamster porridge can provide our hammy lots of joy and good health!

Chonkfully yours,

Lydia Neo