Hammy Meals Made with Love (and Magick!)

Your hamster's porridge is always made fresh 1-2 days prior to your selected delivery date with the freshest ingredients that are also mostly organic, non-GMO and/or wild caught. 

I do not use any chemical preservatives or additional flavourings/seasonings such as salt, sugar, sweetener or flavour enhancers. All the goodness and deliciousness of the porridge comes from the natural juices and stock of the fresh animal proteins and plant ingredients.

I've also created my own superfood blend that focuses on maximizing nutrient absorption which contributes to bone health, immunity and growth. 

I've designed this recipe and fine-tuned it multiple times with considerations for hamsters with diabetes and skin/fur problems. Besides not using salt and sugar, I'm also using mostly complex carbohydrates at 15%-18% content in the porridge. 

Also, I truly believe in the power of intention and energetic healing. I'm a spiritual and magick practitioner and my purpose of providing this nourishing porridge to hamsters out there is my way of helping those in need with my gifts and talents. 

Every batch of porridge that I make and package for all my hammy customers is spelled and blessed upon so I may channel the most positive healing and nourishing vibrations for your little furkids. 💖