How to Feed & Store

Feed 1 defrosted piece per meal time (approx. 1 teaspoon per piece)

You may feed twice per day depending on your hamster's breed/appetite. You may also feed on alternate or selected days of a week as a supplement meal

While feeding this porridge, I’ll encourage pawrents to still feed dry mix or lab blocks on the side. The main aim is to ensure that your hammies' nutritional needs are met and they have access to both wet and dry foods for good gut and dental health.

The freshly cooked porridge is packed and frozen into daily feeding portions of approximately 1 teaspoon size for easy storage and feeding. Just defrost what is needed for feeding at room temperature for 30-40 mins, no need to heat up or cook. Simply serve the meal chilled or at room temperature.

Keeps well in freezer up to 4 months from date of delivery

Once defrosted in the chiller/fridge, the porridge is fresh for up to 3 days

Once served in room temperature, the porridge is edible for 6-10 hours (depending on humidity/other environmental conditions)